Journal Papers

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Conference Papers

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Workshop Papers

  • R. Chawuthai, H. Takeda, V. Wuwongse, U. Jinbo: “A Logical Model for Taxonomic Concepts for Expanding Knowledge using Linked Open Data”. S4BioDiv2013, ESWC CEUR-WS vol 979. (2013)


  • R. Chawuthai, H. Takeda, “rSim: Simplifying an RDF Graph at the Visualization Tier for Non-Expert Users”. ISWC-P&D, ISWC, CEUR-WS vol 1486. (2015)

Other Contributions

  • R. Cazabet, R. Chawuthai, H. Takeda: “Using multiple-criteria methods to evaluate community partitions”. CoRR abs/1502.05149, (2015)